Atalanta 26

The Atalanta is a light-displacement, twin drop keel 26 ft yacht first built in the 1950s, designed by the famous Uffa Fox and built by the same craftsmen who built the Mosquito and other wooden aircraft of the Second World War. The design with the hull constructed of hot molded Agbar mahogany and its fine entry leading to a flat runoff aft enabling it to surf at 9 knots, was way ahead of its time. At the time when it was built it costed a small fortune as much as a new house then. Its production ended in the early 1970s when mass-production GRP yachts became a cheaper option. However, Atalantas because they were not susceptible to osmosis have outlived many GRP yachts; in fact, from 186 boats built, 130, including the first one built the "A1", are still sailing,
It is a beautiful yacht, but not a mere ornament, it performs well and can sail in shallow water or across the Atlantic. As it is a trailer-sailor you can keep it at home and avoid paying mooring fees.

Gavin Atkin has written an interesting article on the Atalanta which has been posted on InTheBoatShed


  1. I don't know much about yachts, but that is a nice one! Yes, I can imagine that it would cost a fortune.

  2. This is a very interesting boat. As a historian I am also interested in the history behind it. How long does the restoration of a boat like that take? Looking forward to read more from you